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A few years ago the term “Golden Hour” seemed to really blow up when it came to photos. And the photos were so gorgeous it isn’t hard to see why that would happen! I’m a Pinterest lover, and if you type “Golden Hour” into Pinterest your page will be full of deep colors, bright golden (hence the name) sunshine, and the resulting beautiful shadows. Now what actually counts as golden hour can be up for debate. Some people say it’s right after sunset, some say it’s right before. For me, I love that time right before sunset.

Typically my ideal time is 45 minutes before sunset (earlier if it’s especially cloudy) to make sure that the lighting is perfect. Too early and the sun is too high in the sky, which can lead to overly bright photos. Too late and it gets too dark for my preference. But that time leading up to sunset sure is magic!

Types of Golden Hour Sessions

Golden hour can also mean the hour right after sunrise but, well, that time is definitely not for me! My favorite outdoor photos are when the sun is peeking through the trees, the sunrays shining on the smiling faces. In summer the sunsets can make golden hour look bright and happy. And in the fall that golden hour causes the trees to light up in a gorgeous fiery hue. No matter what time of year you prefer, these sunset and golden hour photos are the perfect option for outdoor family photos. But it’s not just family portraits! I also really, really love an outdoor Golden Hour maternity session. Maternity photos are always some of my favorite sessions. And the magic of golden hour adds such a gorgeous touch to maternity sessions.

Golden Hour Sunset Photo Examples

golden hour child photos
I love the way the lighting works in this photo.
sibling photos sunset outdoors
Another from this Newton family photo session, the moody fall lighting is perfection.
sunny spring family pictures
Another great example of light through the trees. I also love the shadows in this outdoor sunny spring session.
sibling photos outdoors
I love when you can see the sunrays shining down.

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Are you looking for outdoor golden hour or sunset photos? Crabapple Photography is located in Andover MA and offers both in-studio and outdoor photography sessions all year long. We serve clients from around the area including Boston, Somerville, Medford, Reading, and beyond. Kate McKenna has been photographing babies, children, and families of all ages since 2009. Contact Kate today to learn more.

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