Cake Smash

Cake Smash Photos by Crabapple Photography

Reaching the one year old milestone is a great reason to party! Not only is it one of the biggest milestones for your baby, but let’s face it: you as a parent have survived a whole year. And that is a big deal. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for one of my favorite things: cake smash photos. These make fun and thoughtful wall art and gift options for family members.

First year portraits are hands down some of the most fun we have in the studio. As an example, I am often heard belly laughing during these fun celebratory sessions. In addition to the actual cake, bubbles often make an appearance! During this first year portrait session, we can capture family photos and solo photos of your baby before the big smash.

Cake Smash Set

Not only is your baby old enough to interact and have fun, but more often than not the cake smash set itself is fun and joyous. I have added a team member who is dedicated to helping plan out the styling for the entire session including cake smash theme. She makes the entire process super easy and custom to you! 

We love putting together cake smash sets and have included a few examples in this gallery as inspiration. Some clients come to us with a fully formed idea. While some clients would prefer we take the lead on the theme for their baby’s cake smash. Consequently, I have built up quite the collection of cake smash props over the years. Often if I don’t have a prop already, I’m able to get it. So let your imagination run wild!

Have a favorite childhood book, fairy tale or toy? They make for a perfect theme. In fact there are so many amazing, unique, and creative cake smash themes that we have included in cake smash sessions over the years. Check out this post all about cake smash themes we have photographed in the past and our cake smash Pinterest board to learn more.

What To Expect From Your Baby

Generally in their first year of life, babies haven’t had much opportunity to find themselves alone with a cake. Because of this, the reactions vary pretty widely! But no matter what the reaction, this session is sure to elicit some laughter from the peanut gallery. I have had a baby or two get so excited they did a full face plant in their cake (this is certainly what I do if I find a cake in front of me). I’ve had babies so skeptical of the cake they wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole for the first few minutes! Some babies go at their cake with precision and delicate hands. While some go at it with gusto, cake and frosting flying around the studio.

Location and When to Schedule Cake Smash Photos

Cake smash photo sessions can take place in the studio but I am happy to head outside in nice weather. If you’re looking for portraits to display at your baby’s first birthday party we will need to schedule your session for about a month in advance of the party. This will give me enough time to fully hand edit your photos and send anything off to the printer in time. If you’re not under any kind of deadline, anytime the month before or after your baby turns one is great a time.

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