The first year of a baby’s life is such a fun and exciting time. It’s a year full of changes and milestones. And each milestone is special in its own way. Which is why I love getting the chance to capture each of these phases and celebrating what makes each one amazing. The first year is fleeting and precious, but professional baby portraits last forever and help you remember and cherish each amazing step.

Three to Four Month Old Baby.

A popular milestone to photograph after newborn portraits is when your baby is three to four months old. At this point your baby is beginning to hold their head up on their own. Also, they’re starting to be more alert and awake, while still being able to fit inside of most of the props in the studio. Plus, those chubby thighs, squeezable cheeks and adorable toes are irresistible!

Six to Nine Month Old Baby Sitter Session.

The next milestone is one of my favorite first year milestones to photograph. The “sitter” session is between six to nine months when your baby is typically able to sit up on their own. Not only does this give us more versatility with poses and props, but babies at this age are so much fun. At this point they become quick to smile and engage with you. For example they will clap, giggle and even rock (dance) when you sing to them! They are curious and learning new things every second of the day. Not to mention, their personalities are becoming clear and my goal is to capture it in their baby pictures.

First Birthday Milestone.

The final milestone during the baby stage is the first birthday. This is a huge milestone, and so much fun to photograph. Turning one is definitely a reason to party, which is why cake smash sessions are so popular. And more importantly, they’re so much fun! Maybe your baby has begun standing on their own, or pulling themselves up using furniture (or your legs). Maybe they’re just crawling like the wind. Either way, so much has changed since their teeny tiny newborn days. And that is reason enough to get new baby photos taken. Let us help you plan your cake smash photos and we will customize your session with whatever colors, theme, or style you love. 

No matter what age your baby is, there is always a reason to celebrate them. And the best way to celebrate is by having baby portraits taken. Check out our baby photos Pinterest board for more inspiration.

You will never regret the photos you have taken. Because certainly, there is never a bad time to take your baby’s pictures.  Contact Kate today to book your professional baby photo session.

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