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Q: What type of photography does Crabapple Photography do?

A: I am a portrait photographer of newborns, babies, children, families and pregnancy photos. My style is whimsical, clean, with a bend towards organic and lots of attention paid to detail. I love to photograph in my studio or a natural setting where I can create a stylized portrait of your child or family. I take the time to plan out details so that all that is left to do is capture the very real loving connection in your portraits.

Q: Do you have a studio? Where are you located?

A: I am conveniently located at 38 Andover St., Andover, MA 01810 in the North Shore of Boston. Boston clients shoot up 93 and I am able to serve all of the North Shore as well as Southern NH and everywhere in between!

Q: What does professional portraiture cost?

A: Cost of professional photography varies from photographer to photographer. No two photographers will be the same when it comes to past experience, training or inherent artistic ability and taste.  Safely handling and soothing your newborn baby, dealing with a cranky toddler (or Dad in some cases!) is something that only experience and patience has taught me. I am not the same photographer today as I was ten, five, or even three years ago. Learning how to properly use that expensive camera and lighting setup takes time, and in my case, a year abroad in Paris. When you hire a photographer you are also hiring a business. The reputation and years operating a successful and trustworthy business all go in to the cost of your portraits.

If you’d like to learn more about my specific portrait pricing and products, you can click here for more information, or contact me directly here.

Q: When I book a session with you, does that include the digital negatives?

A: Not automatically. A session fee is required to secure your spot on my calendar. The session fee covers the session itself and all the preparation leading up to it as well as the care we take of you after the session as well. There is also a minimum product purchase that goes right back to you for you to use however you’d like. Digital files are available for purchase, as well as other a la carte printed items.

Q: Where will the location of our session be?

A: Depending on the style of photos you are looking for and what’s convenient for you, is what determines where we shoot. We can shoot at my studio in Andover, MA, I can travel to your home within ten or so miles of Andover, MA, or I can recommend a beautiful setting.

Q: Will you come to my house to photograph my newborn?

I am a studio newborn portrait photographer. If you are contacting me because you like what you see in my newborn gallery, all of the photos have been taken at the studio. It’s important for me to be able to control the temperature (needs to be very warm!), the lighting and have easy access to all of my props, blankets and accessories. Besides, who wants to worry about a clean house right after you’ve had a baby? My studio is cozy and all the items necessary for baby are at the ready, complete with snacks for Mom and Dad.

If you’re looking more for lifestyle newborn photography in your home, please shoot me an email. If I’m able to accommodate, I will. If I’m not, I can recommend a few local photographers who are.

Q: Why does custom photography cost more?

A: I’ve come upon lots of articles that help to explain this. Here is one of the first articles I ever read on the subject by Marmalade Photography.

Q: Do you have props?

A: Yes. Oh man, yes. Crabapple Photography’s studio is jam packed with tons of beautiful props. And my prop collection is growing! I might have a slight prop obsession. Contact me if you have a question about a specific prop you see in my galleries, or in your mind. I am over the moon excited to style your session with you.

Q: What should I wear!?

A: Very common question! Once booked in, you will receive information on what to expect for your upcoming session including some advice on what to wear. Or feel free to check out any recent blog posts on what to wear. Long story short: feel comfortable and be yourself.

Q: Do you have any tips for newborn sessions? 

A: So many! Having worked with hundreds of newborns and being the Mom of twin daughters myself, I’ve gained invaluable experience and knowledge. From prepping for the session to the session itself, there is nothing quite like a newborn portrait experience. Once booked in, all of this information is shared with you and I am available for any questions you may have. Click here to read my top 10 tips to get the most out of your newborn session.

Q: When should newborn sessions be taken? My baby is 4 weeks old. Is it too late?

A: The ideal time for the curled up, snuggly and sleeping portraits you see in my gallery is in the range of 6-16 days for a full term baby. If your baby is three weeks, please check in with me. If your baby is four weeks, we can style the session as a newborn session and I am always up for trying the curled up, sleepy posed photos. We may not get them, but you will still have beautiful portraits of your baby. Don’t hesitate to check in with me to see what my schedule looks like. There is never a bad time to take portraits of your new baby.

Q: It’s the winter. I should wait until the summer to get portraits done, right?

A: Nope! I LOVE winter sessions in the snow. If that thought doesn’t appeal to you, or the style of session you’re looking for is more conducive to the studio or your home, that’s fine too.

Q: How soon should I book my session with you?

A: As soon as possible! Every season is different. Don’t hesitate to contact me to find out what my current schedule is looking like. I do book months in advance.

Q: What do I do if my baby or child is sick on the day of our session?

A: If your baby or child (or you!) has had a fever or thrown up in the 24 hours before your session, we will reschedule. There are a lot of newborns in my studio and I can’t risk exposing anyone of them to any sickness. If your child has a cold, please contact me immediately if you think your baby or child will not be feeling 100% on the day of the session. We can determine the best course of action from there. I do prefer the baby or child to be happy and healthy on the day of the shoot for the sake of the photos.

Q: Do you photograph weddings? I swear I thought you did?

A: You are not losing your mind! Although I no longer photograph weddings, I used to. Shooting weddings was an incredible experience, but photographing babies, children and families is where my heart is.

Q: You didn’t answer all of my questions. How do I contact you?

A: Contact me here and I will happily answer any questions you have.

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