Newborn Photography


A truth I have learned in my fifteen years of photographing over 900 newborns: they don’t stay tiny for long. 

My Goal.

As a newborn photographer (and mom myself), my goal is to help you document and remember those very early days with your new baby. There is no stage quite like the newborn stage. Because this unique time often flies by in a blur of sleepless nights, I want to help you to remember. I want you to be able to look back and recall just how small and beautiful your baby and this time was.

What to Expect: A Boutique Studio Experience.

Your newborn session is personalized to your style, taste and priorities. To start, you fill out a pre-session style questionnaire that helps me to get to know you better and the style and priority of portraits you’re trying to achieve. Secondly, I aim to give you a no stress experience during the actual session (more below). Finally, your Crabapple Photography experience does not end with the session. I am here to help you as little or as much as you need in determining how to enjoy your new art work whether its digital files, prints, wall art, or albums you can pass down from generation to generation.

What to Expect: A No Stress Experience.

Newborn portraits should be a fun and relaxing experience for everyone. My studio is a calm place and I strive to make every member of the family feel calm and stress-free. In addition to myself, I always have an assistant to help with safely posing your newborn. If your newborn has an older sibling or two, we work hard to ensure they are having a good experience and often play while they warm up to us.

My 1100 square foot studio is a warm and comfortable place. Parents are welcome to relax on the couch for some well deserved “me” time, or sit close to me and watch the magic and beauty of their newborn being photographed. In short, it is truly an experience and I hear that from parents all the time.

What to Expect: Posing. 

Over the years I have found myself coming back to certain poses that have become my must-haves. My all-time favorite pose of just your baby: tushee in the air. This is because in this pose you can clearly see your baby’s face, little body curled up while their fingers and toes even make an appearance. Check out this post to read more about my top six newborn poses to capture.

To capture the tiny details, I use my macro lens for baby’s lashes, lips, hands and delicate little toes. Brand new eye lashes are one of my favorite things in the world to photograph. These are details that sadly, but honestly, become fuzzy over time.

As for newborn family portraits, you may not feel your best and it is okay to skip the newborn family portraits if you’re not feeling up to it. But I do encourage parents to get at least one portrait of themselves with their brand new baby. These portraits don’t need to see the light of day today, but in the future, you will likely be glad you have them. Above all, I know your baby will be glad to have them as he or she grows into an adult and has kids of their own. 


For those curled up, sleepy, posed newborn pictures, I suggest photographing your baby between six to sixteen days after birth. During this time, newborns are at their sleepiest. Their sleep can be more easily disturbed the older they get. 

However, this definitely does not mean that after sixteen days we can’t photograph your new baby! Often an “older” newborn can still be coaxed into a pose or two, so don’t despair. I have photographed “older” newborns with great success. No matter what, we will capture beautiful portraits of your baby.

Check out this blog post for even more information on what to expect during your newborn photo session with tips on getting the most out of your newborn session. You can also visit our newborn portrait Pinterest board for more inspiration of styling and poses.

Is your baby a couple of months old? You might want to consider a 3-4 month session. These sessions can often be styled like a newborn session, but take into account your baby’s likely alertness and tolerance for stimulation.

Looking to Book us as your Newborn Photographer?

Contact Kate today for full session pricing, information and booking. It is important to try to book your newborn session before your baby comes so I can ensure you a spot on the Crabapple Photography calendar. 

Hope to meet you and your new baby soon!

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