Professional Newborn Photography by Crabapple Photography

Newborns are truly tiny miracles! I’ve been around enough newborns to know one thing for sure: they don’t stay that tiny for long. The newborn phase is by far the shortest time of all of your baby’s milestones. It’s a race to age one and it starts FAST, right out of the gate. Preserving your memories by photographing your baby’s delicate toes and brand new eye lashes is one of my most favorite things in the world to do.

If it’s the curled up, sleepy posed newborn photos you’re after, these are best taken between 6-16 days after your baby’s birth. This is the time when most newborns are at their sleepiest. As your newborn gets older, their sleep is more easily disturbed which makes posing them a bit more difficult. Also dry, flaky newborn skin tends to set in a couple of weeks after your baby is born, then baby acne.

However please remember there is plenty we can still photograph about your 3 week old baby! Don’t let that stop you from contacting me for newborn photos. Often an “older” newborn can still be coaxed into a pose or two, so don’t despair.

Contact Kate today for session information and booking. It is important to try to book your newborn session before your baby comes to ensure a spot on the Crabapple Photography calendar.

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