Top 10 Reasons You Should Get One Year Photos

Top 10 Reasons You Should Consider One Year Portraits

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At Crabapple Photography, one year portrait and cake smash sessions are some of our favorites. They are always so much fun for so many reasons. Keep reading to learn our top 10 reasons you should celebrate your little one’s first birthday with one year photos.

1. One year is an exciting milestone and absolutely one to celebrate with photos

Over the course of the first year, there are so many different milestones in a baby’s life. First time they open their eyes, first smile, first laugh, first tooth, first word. And first birthday is definitely an exciting one! It is also the perfect excuse to celebrate with some cake smash and one year photos. Plus, usually these celebrations include cake!

one year old portraits
first birthday cake smash

2. Your child only has a first birthday once

This kind of goes without saying. Your little one will have lots of birthdays, but they’ll only get one first birthday. One is a magical age where they’re still a baby, but becoming a toddler. Soon they’ll be walking and talking and you’ll want to look back on when they were still a baby.

methuen baby photographer
baby photographer MA

3. Their little personalities are shining through and so much fun

At one year old, your little one definitely has a personality. And that personality will definitely shine through in their portraits. Whether they’re shy and serious, or a total ham, these portraits are the perfect way to capture their truly unique personality.

one year portrait photography andover
first birthday photographer

4. They are perfect for Baby books or keepsakes

Do you remember when everyone had a baby book? I used to love to look through mine as a child. These portraits are perfect to put inside of a baby book. But even if you don’t have a baby book for your child, these one year photos still make the perfect keepsakes.

Want to make a custom portrait album of your baby’s first year? Read more about our fine art albums and press printed albums.

1 year old portrait photographer andover ma
black and white photography baby

5. To see the difference a year makes

When you look at your baby’s newborn portraits, and then look at these one year photos, you will be blown away. I recommend having tissues handy because if you’re anything like me, this could cause quite the waterworks.

family photographer boston ma
first birthday photo ideas

6. We can make Cake Smash sessions fun and colorful

These sessions are always a ton of fun. And my team and I can help you create the cake smash and first year portraits of your dreams. Whether you want bright colors, pastels, or anything in between, we can make it happen. Your little one can play with toys, pop some bubbles, and smash some cake. What could be more fun than that?

Want to personalize your cake smash session? I love looking on Etsy for handmade items that really add a special touch to portraits. Whether it’s a tutu, a cake topper, a crown, or any other decoration or accessory you can possibly dream of, Etsy has it.

animal themed first birthday and cake smash photos
This little one is king of the jungle in his safari themed cake smash!
pink and white cake smash inspiration

See more fun and adorable cake smash sessions on our Cake Smash Ideas Pinterest board!

7. They’re a great time to include themes

If you’ve been around the cake smash session of the blog, you’ll know that we love a good cake smash theme. Over the years my team and I have created everything from unicorns to mermaids, to donuts and even a ramen noodle themed cake smash! The sky really is the limit when it comes to cake smash themes. In this post you can see strawberry, safari, and even a Harry Potter themed cake smash!

We love cake smash themes so much, we made a Cake Smash Bucket List in 2019! You can see a selection of the cake smash themes we have already photographed here: Cake Smash Theme Ideas.

harry potter themed cake smash
When it comes to this Harry Potter cake smash I think it’s safe to say: Mischief Managed!
strawberry themed first birthday
if you give a mouse a cookie first birthday inspiration

8. Great gifts for grandparents and other family members

Let’s be honest, chances are your birthday boy or girl doesn’t really NEED much in terms of presents. First birthday portraits are a gift that keeps on giving. They will be keepsakes your child can have for years and years.

Plus, these portraits make the perfect gift options for family members, too. Whether it’s just loose prints, or canvases for their walls, there is an option for everyone.

sibling photos
one year milk bath photo ideas

9. Saves you the stress of trying to get the ultimate photo at your baby’s first birthday party

As parents we have all been there. Stressing out about every detail of the party. Making sure all the guests are happy and fed. Not to mention keeping track of the birthday boy or girl. And then everything is over and you realize you didn’t manage to take a single picture throughout the whole party. Well, I’m here to take care of that part. You might not have a photo from their actual party, but you have one from their cake smash!

family photos with baby
massachusetts cake smash photographer

10. Cake. Duh.

I mean. This one kind of doesn’t need an explanation. Just ask this little guy down below.

And as an added bonus for mom and dad: we take care of all the clean up. I mean, talk about a win-win!

andover ma cake smash photographer
boston cake smash portraits
north shore ma cake smash photography

Plus, you can even include the family pet!

We’ve had quite a few dogs included in cake smash sessions, and even one cat! Family pets are always welcome for any session.

cake smash photos with pet cat
cake smash photos with pet dog

Are you looking for cake smash or one year portraits in Massachusetts? Crabapple Photography is located in Andover MA and serves clients from around the area including Stoneham, Peabody, Salem, Newton, Somerville and more. Kate McKenna has been photographing babies and children of all ages since 2009. To learn more, contact Kate today!

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