My Top 6 Must Have Newborn Photos to Capture

My Top 6 Newborn Photos to Capture

Newborn photography has been one of my specialties for over a decade (click here to see my newborn portrait gallery). I absolutely love documenting this monumental time in a family’s life. There is nothing like it. Over that period of time I have taken a lot of photos, used a lot of props and put a lot of babies in a lot of adorable poses. As a result of this experience as an Andover newborn photographer, I have come up with my top 6 must have newborn shots that I take at every newborn session.

Keep reading to see examples of my favorite newborn poses. And don’t forget to check out our Newborn Photography Inspiration Pinterest board to see more!

1. A newborn photo with parents

newborn photographer merrimack valley ma photos with parents

I know what you’re thinking. You just gave birth (a.k.a you just ran a marathon), plus there’s spit-up on your shirt, you haven’t slept in a week, and basically you do not want your photo taken. I totally understand. Just trust me on this one. These photos won’t just be for you (although I’m sure you will end up enjoying them) but for your kids as they grow older, and even their kids in future generations.

newborn portraits with parent studio photography north shore massachusetts

2. Your baby’s size in context

newborn photographer andover ma

The saying “they grow so fast” is absolutely true. Your little one is tiny and adorable right now. One day you’ll look at your little toddler (or teenager!) and it’ll be hard to imagine how tiny they once were. Solo newborn photos of the baby don’t showcase just how small they are. So I always try to get at least one shot in context that truly shows how teeny tiny they are. This can mean baby in mom’s or dad’s arms, or maybe even next to something that baby can grow up alongside like a stuffed animal.

3. All the details of your newborn

newborn photographer detail photos massachusetts

Those lips, new lashes, tiny fingers and kissable toes. These are all the little details that not only make your little one who they are, but they’re also the things you’ll miss the most as your tiny one grows into a big one! One day you’ll look back at those baby fingers and toes and cry because you can’t believe how fast time flies. Having these detail newborn portraits will help you remember those tiny toes.

4. A close up of your baby’s face

newborn portrait photographer merrimack valley ma

Let’s be real, you probably stare at your new baby’s face for a good portion of the day. And there’s a pretty good chance you say on a daily basis how much you want to squeeze/pinch/nibble on their chubby cheeks. Well, this is why I make sure I get some shots that showcase those cheeks! Certain newborn poses are ideal for getting a good shot of that sweet little face. One of my personal favorites is of baby’s face resting on their arms. So sweet, and one that parents request a lot.

5. A full body shot

north shore ma newborn portrait studio photography

Whether swaddled or naked, this is a shot that can be captured in a variety of ways. A full body portrait can be tailored to the parents’ style. Not a fan of props? That’s okay! I have a variety of blankets and furs that work perfectly for this shot. Of course, it can also work with props if that’s your jam. Either way, this shot is all about seeing your baby in all their glory. The rolls, the wrinkles, the belly.

6. Tushee in the air

new baby photos newborn photographer andover ma

What can I say? I just love this shot. Normally I wouldn’t give a specific pose as a “must have” but this one really has a little bit of everything you want to remember. Your baby’s full body, baby wrinkles and rolls, and a clear shot of baby’s face. Not many other poses can tick all of those boxes. And there are so many different ways to capture this. On a blanket or fur, or even on a prop. The little leg danglin’ on a prop or in your arm is a personal favorite of mine.

Honorable Mention: The happy surprises.

funny newborn photos studio photographer merrimack valley ma

Other happy surprises include shots of the baby awake and alert. Most of the time, newborns are fast asleep during their session, but sometimes they just don’t want to miss out on the fun and they stay awake! And then there are some that happen organically that make for funny keepsakes, like an adorable crying face or big yawn. 

These are the shots that I can’t plan for, but every time I’m able to capture one I’m thrilled. The most recognizable (and for some the most hoped for) is the smile. You can’t make a newborn smile, but every so often in their sleep they’ll give a big one. This is basically like getting a picture of a double rainbow!

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