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I have been photographing newborns since 2009. Which means we are officially at 15 years (O M G). That is so crazy for me to think about. Over the last decade and a half, so many different trends and styles have come and gone. But one thing that will always be on my list of must have photos? Newborn portraits of all those teeny tiny little details. Highlighting all those little features that make your baby, and the newborn age, so unique is so important to me. I’ve had clients in the past say that those pictures aren’t priorities for them, but if I can manage them that’s great. And then they come back and say that those are some of their favorites. And as a mom to pre-teens–trust me, one day you’ll look back at those teeny fingers and toes, lashes and lips, and you’ll probably cry.

Learn all about how I take these photos in this post: What is Macro Photography? And for more newborn photos check out my Newborn Photo Ideas Pinterest board.

Ten Little Fingers and Hands

First up for tiny details for newborn portraits: those ten little fingers. These are definitely some of my absolute go-to photos. There is something so unbelievably precious about the tiny hands. Not every baby loves me having to move them around to get their hands in certain positions. But that’s quite alright because there are plenty of options. Typically I wait until baby is super asleep and just slip their hands out of their swaddle.

newborn portraits hands
newborn portraits fingers
newborn portraits detail photos hands
newborn photography detail photos hands
newborn portraits fingers
newborn portraits finger detail photos

Ten Tiny Toes and Feet

And after ten little fingers comes ten little toes! The toes might be my favorite (although I might say that about everything). Seriously though, there are few things as adorable about teeny tiny newborn feet. The photos of mom’s hands gently cradling the little feet might be my favorite–but honestly, there are no bad poses. And just like all the other tiny details, one day you will be amazed that your child’s feet were ever that little, and these newborn portraits will be the perfect reminder.

ten tiny toes newborn photos
ten little toes newborn pictures
mom's hands holding newborn feet portraits
black and white newborn portraits
feet newborn photography
detail portraits for new baby
mom's hands and newborn's feet
black and white newborn photography ideas
black and white portrait photography for newborns
inspiration for newborn photography capturing details
ideas for new newborn portrait photographers


Oh, lashes. How sweet and precious are the close up photos of baby’s lashes? This is one that definitely relies on baby being asleep, but that’s thankfully not typically an issue during newborn portraits. When your baby is bigger and you think back on their newborn days, their eye lashes might not be the first thing you think of. But having these keepsake memories of such a precious part of them will be priceless.

eye lash newborn pictures
newborn close up portraits eyelashes
lashes newborn portrait close up
macrophotography for newborn portraits
close up portraits for newborns
newborn photographer


That little newborn pout is iconic. So it only makes sense to get some close up portraits of your newborn’s lips. Little tiny pursed mouths, plus a look at their adorable button nose. And as an added bonus: the cheeks! Some of these I look at and I swear I can hear the little baby coos through the screen!

black and white newborn portraits ideas close up mouth
newborn mouth lip close up detail photos
andover ma newborn photographer
massachusetts newborn photographer
merrimack valley newborn photographer
professional newborn portraits near me
newborn photographer near me


Last but certainly not least is the profile. These always remind me of the old school cameo silhouettes. Just a simple profile, but so beautiful in its simplicity. Of course these newborn portraits have much more detail than those. But for ages we have loved to have a keepsake that shows our child’s profile. Because it is something that is so unique to them. The curve of their brow, the tilt of their nose. Their cheeks and chin and precious ears. Everything that makes your baby who they are can be found in their profile. Such a sweet way to remember all those little details during newborn portraits.

newborn profile portraits
modern day newborn portrait cameo profile
timeless black and white newborn portraits
stunning newborn portrait photography

Looking to capture all those little details of your newborn with portraits? At Crabapple Photography we know that all the details are what make your little one who they are. And we love to help create lasting memories and keepsakes by capturing those special details. We are located in Andover MA and serve clients from around the area including BurlingtonWakefieldTewksburyMelrose and beyond. Kate McKenna has been photographing babies and children of all ages since 2009. Contact Kate today to learn more.

black and white newborn portrait photography MA
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