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I absolutely love pastels for the spring and especially and specifically, I love plaid. This year though, for my in-studio spring / Easter sessions, one of my backgrounds has a bit more of a neutral vibe. So I went on the hunt for some good examples of what to wear for a neutral Easter or spring mini session.

I’ve put together a few ideas, but the list is certainly not exhaustive. Feel free to include any links to your favorite go-to baby and kids clothing sites in the comments below.

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Without further adieu, some styling tips!

What to wear for your easter photos
A guide for more neutral options for your Spring Mini Session

What Fabrics to Wear for a Neutral Easter Mini Session

My favorite spring fabrics hands down are linen and seersucker. Soft cotton works well and even a knit vest sweater are great options. Spring is temperamental, temperature wise, so an array of fabrics are appropriate. When you choose a very classic spring fabric, it allows you to stick with a timeless and neutral color palette. This is a great choice when you’re looking for what to wear to stay on the neutral side for your Easter photos.

Patterns for Spring

There are many patterns that work great for Easter pictures. Stripes, gingham and plaid are wonderful options for your session. Textures and patterns add a lot of interest to the outfit and should never be overlooked. I’ve noticed a lot of eyelet style fabric and patterns as well and now am in love!

Colors for Styling Your Mini Session Pictures

If you’re looking to avoid the pastels this year and go a little bit more neutral, choose darker versions of the colors you love for spring. Instead of pastel pink, go with a dusty rose, sometimes called antique pink or mauve. Instead of a pale yellow, go with a mustard yellow. Light blue also translates well into a dusty blue! Other blues that work are royal blue and navy. For really neutral think beiges, grays and white. Instead of bright green, khaki green. When deciding what to wear for your neutral Easter portraits, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to just whites and beiges.

color palette ideas for your easter photos
Neutral tone ideas for Spring Portraits


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there are boys only and girls only clothes. But for the sake of breaking this post into chunks, I’ve labeled them this way. Mix and match away!

Disclaimer: Keep in mind this post was created for Spring 2022, so the links may not work if you’re viewing this at a much later time in the future.

Neutral Seersucker for Easter Mini Sessions
Seersucker for the win!

Hope & Henry has the above gray seersucker shirts, shorts and pants. I will admit, I am a sucker for seersucker! Hope & Henry’s fabric is organic and soft. It is very important that your child be comfortable in their clothes for their portrait session. When you feel good in your clothes, you can relax. Babies, toddlers and children have a hard time faking it like an adult might be able to! In that same vein, wearing the correct size is important too.

Easter Bunny Striped Button Down and Tie What to Wear
Bunny Pattern Button Down

This short sleeved, striped button down shirt from Old Navy has two amazing things: a bunny pattern and a bow tie. The bow tie is solid chambray and comes pre-tied (score!). This shirt starts at size 12-18 months and goes up to a 5T. It’s a great light-weight choice for your little guy which makes it perfect for Spring!

What to wear for photos classic neutral Gingham for Easter
Gingham royal blue

This gingham set from Old Navy is more of a royal blue and a little brighter than a neutral tone. But it is an alternative to pastel blue. Bonus: the entire family can get in on the action! There is the ruffle trim tiered gingham swing dress on the toddler above. And the tiered tie-back all-day midi dress the girl is wearing above to match.

Don’t Forget Accessories!

Easter Photos with Stripes
Relaxed fit Chinos from H&M

These striped, relaxed fit chinos from H&M have rave reviews. They are a darker blue (navy) stripe with white and work really well as a more neutral clothing option for your Easter photos. Pair with a white linen shirt below for example. These classic and timeless choices for your child also allow you to accessorize a bit and add a pop of color that way.

Neutral Stripes & Linen Button Down Shirt for Easter photos
L shirt from Hope & Henry, R shirt from Janie & Jack

Above are two fantastic alternatives to pastel for a more neutral look to wear for your Spring or Easter Mini session photos. The white linen shirt above from Janie & Jack on the right will pair will with just about anything. On left is a linen, 2 pocket button down shirt from Hope & Henry. I’ve already expressed my love for linen!

Bunny Bow Tie
Janie & Jack Bunny Bowtie

What’s cuter than a bowtie? A bowtie with a bunny pattern. What’s cuter than a bowtie with a bunny pattern? A bowtie with a bunny pattern where the bunnies are wearing glasses! Although the bunny’s sport coat (amazing) is on the pastel side and his own bowtie is a brighter pink, I couldn’t resist including this. There is enough white that if paired with a more subdued blue, striped linen pants, gray or khaki pants, this Janie & Jack Easter bowtie would really shine!


Bow Shoulder Swing Dress
Neutral color dresses for Easter

You may have already guessed, but I love Hope & Henry. Their soft, organic fabrics are beautiful and not wildly priced. These Bow Shoulder Swing Dress are linen and come in these gorgeous different color and pattern options. All fantastic for more neutral, less bright Easter mini session styling. But still so much fun with stripes, gingham and eyelet designs.

Baby Girl's Annabelle Bunny Cardigan
Super cute sweaters from Saks Fifth Avenue for toddlers!

The adorable bunny cardigan on the left above is from Sakes Fifth Avenue. It could not be more darling or more perfect for your baby with it’s blush pink color and fine knit fabric. And don’t forget the pom-pom cotton tails on peter rabbit!

The beautiful cardigan on the right from Saks Fifth Avenue is labeled as the color rust. It has a very delicate feel with the flutter style flair on the sleeves and embroiled floral. Very spring, still neutral tones.

Jumpsuit romper and dress ideas for Neutral Easter Photos

More neutral tone options for your girls

You definitely need to zoom in on the fabric for the ruffle collar button front romper from Hope & Henry in the left above. The pattern is described as white circle grid eyelet, and is stunning. There are so many details in this romper, it’s impossible to call this white romper boring. Ruffled color, adorable bow in the front, I’m considering it for my own girls! Comes in sizes 12-18 months all the way up to 12 girls.

In the middle above is the bow front, wide leg jumpsuit from Hope & Henry. It is in a beautiful blue chambray color and comes in sizes ranging from toddler 12-18 months up to size girls 12.

The knit, smocked tank dress on the right is from the Gap. It is a perfect example of a beautiful neutral color for Spring. This dress is also full of little details including the smocked chest, scalloped hem that has an eyelet pattern. If you’d like to cover the arms or add even more interest, consider layering with a denim jacket.

Don’t Be Afraid To Add a Pop of Color

Floral for Easter
Floral for Easter with a boho feel

Spring conjure thoughts of flowers and it is very possible to have a less bright or pastel floral pattern. If you’re torn between pretty florals and neutral, then this is the way to go.

Check out this floral dress on the left, above from H&M. You really can’t beat the $9.99 price tag.

On the right, above is a white with pink floral pattern dress from H&M. This dress comes in size 4-6 months up to about 4T.

Using the color Mustard for Easter Photos
Mustard yellow

I mentioned mustard yellow above and I mean it! This is a gorgeous color that is very popular right now. And it goes so well with deep pinks. Above is a perfect example. H&M is a really affordable brand and they do not skimp on the details. This cotton shirt dress in dark yellow has a color, buttons down the front, flowy wide sleeves with a gathered waist.

Girl outfits for Easter Photos

The antique pink dress on the left from the Gap has a smooth corduroy weave. This comes in girl sizes XS (4/5) up to XXL (14/16).

The dress on the right is from Joyfolie and is a contender for my own girls for their portraits. I love it’s boho feel and color: rose taupe. This is a great option for someone who wants pink, but doesn’t want bubble gum pink.

Bunnies, Flowers, and More!

Bunny Sweater & White Shorts
Bunny sweater

I am in love with this classic bunny sweater in pale pink at Maisonnette. It is a cashmere mix, it is described as “incorporating a tonal palette of creams and browns”. The icing on the cake is the little velvet bow the bunny wears.

Spring is the season of both warm and cold days and layering. I am not at all against pairing the knit jumper above with the pair of white scalloped edged shorts above from Hope & Henry.

Cute bunnies!

H&M has done it again with their light pink, bunny patterned jersey dress. This adorable option ranges from baby size 4-6 months to 3-4 years. There are a lot of really cute scenes in this one little dress.

Flared Dress Dusty Pink
Flared Dress

If you’re looking for a little more glamour, this light pink flared dress from H&M above might be your answer. It reminds me of a party dress with it’s no sleeves, textured fabric sections and flared skit. Not to mention the adorable appliqué flowers in satin in the front.

A color palette of possible neutral tone color options this Easter

Are you looking for Easter photos in Massachusetts? Are you wondering what to wear for your Easter portraits and looking for help coming up with neutral styling ideas? Crabapple Photography is located in Andover MA and we serve clients from around the area including Boston, Medford, Reading, North Andover and beyond. At Crabapple Photography we are more than happy to help our clientele with everything from styling, to choosing prints, and everything in between. Contact Kate today to book your session!

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