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How to Pose Three or More Siblings for Professional Portrait Photography

Whenever a family comes into my studio with three or more children, I’m both shocked by the number of kids (!) and also excited. I grew up with just one brother. My husband is one of two kids. And now I have two children of my own. So whenever I see parents with three or more kids I am in total awe of them. But over my 13+ years as a professional portrait photographer specializing in newborn babies and children, I’ve picked up a few tricks. Especially when it comes to posing siblings for professional photography.

Posing Siblings With A Newborn

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If you keep on scrolling, you’ll see some of my go-to poses for newborn portrait sessions. Posing 3+ kids can always seem like a bit of a challenge. But when this includes a teeny tiny newborn, safety is even more important. This is why I tend to include a prop when there is a newborn. This can mean that baby is curled up in a basket, or sleeping soundly on a little wooden bed. No matter what the prop is, my assistant and I get baby situated and then help the older siblings sneak into the shot at the last minute. Then it’s all about singing and dancing and acting silly to get smiles.

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Another one of my favorite sibling poses is the older siblings holding their new baby brother or sister while laying on a fur. This one is super adorable and allows the siblings to get close and cuddle. Thanks to a boppy pillow or blankets underneath the fur, there’s a nice little nest for the big siblings to lay in. We then gently place baby on top, and my assistant’s hands stay right out of the shot. Some songs and silly noises get the big smiles, and voila.

A lot of the time, I am able to capture both of these options during a session. Depending on the age of the older siblings, one or the other might be a better, and safer, option. Either way, my assistant and I make sure that all the siblings are safe and comfortable throughout the sibling portraits.

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Newborn Photos with 3 older siblings
Newborn Portrait Session with Four Total Siblings
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Posing Three or More Older Kids

When it comes to posing bigger kids, there are a lot more options than when there is a newborn. Oftentimes, the formality of the poses goes out the window. Depending on the age of the children, sometimes it’s best to just let them have a little bit of fun. If parents like the candid-style portraits, I’ll let them get some of their energy out and have fun. Whether that means playing ring around the rosie, or climbing all over one another. One of my favorite portraits during outdoor mini sessions is the one of the siblings holding hands and walking away from the camera. I love that image and the idea of all the siblings walking through life together.

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Sometimes I photograph sibling together during one child’s milestone session. Whether that means the newborn sessions above or a one year portrait. And other times they are taken during a seasonal session or mini session. They could be outside during the fall, beachside during the summer, or even in front of a cozy Christmas set. No matter what the session is, I love getting the chance to capture some keepsake images of your children. And just because there are three or more kids doesn’t mean it has to look hectic! There are so many options when it comes to posing your three (or more!) children in their sibling portraits. My goals are always to give you keepsake portraits that your family will treasure, and to make the session as easy and fun as possible for everyone involved.

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Posing siblings

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