Why We Love 3 Month Baby Portraits

Why I Love 3 Month Baby Portraits

3 month milestone portraitsWhen you think of baby portraits, what do you think of first? There are the iconic sleeping newborn photos. Whether baby is curled up, or on their belly with their tush in the air, or posed on a prop, we all have our favorite newborn poses. Or maybe your first thought is of a happy, smiling, newly one year old. Frosting on their faces and hands as they dig into their birthday cake and celebrate their first birthday. Perhaps you think of a 6-9 month old baby who has just mastered sitting on their own. There are so many different milestones throughout the first year that we celebrate.

One of my favorite milestones to captures is 3 month baby portraits! Click here to see recent session blog posts from this precious age.

For non-parents, there might not seem like a huge difference between newborn and 3 month. Well, take it from someone who has spent a lot of time around babies of both ages: there is definitely a difference! Here are some of my favorite things about photographing the 3-4 month milestone.

Those Baby Smiles

Any smiles you see during a newborn session are basically like seeing a rainbow. We love them, and they make us smile when we see them. But there’s no real way to make them happen. That is not the case for the 3-4 month milestone. For the first time, we are able to interact with your little one and get some real smiles and giggles. Not to mention some hilarious facial expressions.

3 month milestone photos

Their Little Personalities Start to Shine

Your baby might still be a tiny baby in a lot of ways, but at three to four months their personalities are absolutely starting to show. And trust me when I say those personalities come out during these portraits!

3 month milestone photos with family outdoors

Tummy Time

Typically at this age, babies are able to hold their heads up on their own. And this means tummy time. It’s very common for your baby not to exactly love this part of their day. But not only is tummy time very beneficial for your little one, but it also makes for adorable portraits.

3 month milestone photographer

All About The Props

I love props. That’s actually an understatement. My love for props is so immense that my collection has become what some might call extreme. And I truly have a prop for everyone. Many of these props are made for newborns–but guess what?! There are props that work perfectly for the 3-4 month milestone, too!

3 month milestone pictures

They’re Not Yet Mobile

This milestone is one of the last before rolling, crawling, and eventually walking begins. Which can definitely make using all my favorite props easier and, more importantly, safer.

3 month milestone photography

The Adorable Clothes

With newborn photos, baby is typically in a swaddle at most. This is partially to do with ease, but also because of how adorable these little babes look all swaddled and cozy. But at three months, swaddling isn’t always an option (What is an option: naked baby bums!). Thankfully, however, this means the most adorable baby clothing. I have a large assortment of baby clothing available in the studio for use during sessions. As always, parents are more than welcome to bring along some options for outfit changes. Some of my absolute favorites for baby clothing include Jamie Kay, Hope and Henry,  and Bella Bliss.

3 month old baby photos

All Those Baby Details

Your baby’s tiny fingers and toes, their lips and nose, will never be this tiny again. And this is still a great age to get those detail and profile shots. Since your little one is still not mobile, it’s easier for me to capture those little details for you during these sessions.

black and white baby toes photos

Family Portraits

This milestone is the perfect time for family portraits. Your little one will be alert and awake during your family photos for the first time. These will make for such amazing keepsakes (not to mention perfect gifts for family and friends.)

3 month photos with mom

Sibling Photos

Not every 3-4 month old will have older siblings. But for the ones that do, these photos are sure to be some of your favorites. Some of my favorite sibling shots that I have taken over the year are from 3-4 month milestone sessions. There’s nothing quite like seeing your little baby looking up at their older sibling. The love between your little ones is already so evident in these portraits.

sibling portrait photography including 3 month old baby

Just Like Newborns, Your Baby Is Only 3-4 Months Once

This can be said about any of the milestones. Your baby will only be this old for such a short time. Before you know it, they’ll be sitting and crawling, walking and talking. And each of those milestones are so exciting in their own way. But so is this one! And before you know it, you’ll be looking back at these photos saying “remember when”. But you can only do that if you have these portraits!3 month old baby portraits3 month old baby photos firemanfamily photos with 3 month old babyblack and white baby fingers photoschristmas themed 3 month photos3 month old baby photographywoodland animal themed baby photos 3 month oldfamily portraits with 3 month old babythree month photos

Are you looking for 3 month baby milestone portraits north of Boston? Crabapple Photography in Andover MA is a full service boutique portrait photography studio. We serve clients from around Massachusetts including Boston, Concord, Boxford and beyond. Kate McKenna has over 11 years experience photographing babies of all ages. Contact Kate today to book your session!

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