What Is A Sitter Session?

Why You Should Absolutely Consider A Sitter Session

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The first year of life is full of milestones. And it feels like each one is more exciting than the next. The first time your baby is sleeping through the night, their first smile, first tooth. Then they are eating real food, learning to crawl, learning to talk. It’s all exciting. And each milestone is fun for me to photograph for different ways. But there is one milestone that always manages to blow me away with how much fun it is. And that is what we call “sitter” session baby photos.

These sessions are typically between 6-9 months. Not only is this when many babies begin to sit on their own (hence the name of the session) but it’s also such a fun age. At this point, your baby’s personality is becoming clear, and it will shine through in these portraits. Plus, we can be funny and goofy and make your baby giggle and smile. Typically the “stranger danger” that can make some toddlers a bit of a challenge to photograph hasn’t quite kicked in yet. We sing, we dance, we clap and we smile. A lot.

And as an added bonus, your baby might be sitting up, and possibly crawling, but they aren’t quite as mobile as they will be at their one year session. This can make it a little easier to grab a photo since as soon as they’re mobile–watch out! My assistants and I are definitely used to corralling babies and toddlers, but it’s always nice when they stay put.

Using Props in a Sitter Session

six month sitter session portraits

This is also a great age because of the variety of portraits I can capture for the gallery. I have a ton of props (some might say too many!) so there is definitely something for everyone. Many of the props can be used for newborn sessions and then again for the sitter session. The wooden crate that your tiny baby was curled up inside can also be the perfect spot for little ones who aren’t totally comfortable sitting on their own yet. I have a few different teeny tiny beds that are also adorable options for little ones to sit on.

But if props aren’t your jam, that’s okay! I love the simple portrait and we still have plenty of options. Your little one can lie down on one of our furs or sit in front of one of our rustic wood backdrops for a stunning and simple portrait. Either way, at the 6-9 month ages we have a ton of options that just aren’t realistic for the 3 month sessions.

At the end of the day, there’s no wrong time to take portraits of your baby. Because regardless of their age, they’re only that age once. And take it from someone whose “babies” are now seven, the time truly flies. And no time flies faster than the first year. Which is why capturing all of the milestones is something that is so important to me. 

Over the years, I have done so many sitter sessions, and they honestly are some of my absolute favorites. This Wenham MA 6 Month Old session makes me smile every time I see that little guy. And this six month old baby photos session from Boston is a great example of outdoor portraits, with many family portraits included. But remember, sitter sessions aren’t just for six month olds. Sitter sessions are between 6-9 months of age since it’s less about the age and more about the milestone. Check out Miss O from Waltham’s 8 month baby portraits to see a slightly older baby.

Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration.

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What To Do After Your Session

After (and during) any session, a question we ask all of our clients is “What do you want to do with your photos now?” Frequently, parents aren’t one hundred percent sure before or during their session, and they still aren’t always sure after it. And that’s totally okay! We are here to assist you throughout the entire decision making process. We offer in-studio viewing and ordering sessions complimentary with any session. This means you will come into the studio, have a seat on the couch, and watch as all of your photos are projected onto the wall. You won’t have to see the photos of your little one for the first time on your phone or computer screen, but larger than life on the wall.

We also work with you so that you can receive the prints and products that you will love. Below is an example of a wall art mockup that we can make for you. If you send us a photo of your walls, we can digitally add your own photos to your room. No more guessing about sizes or colors and what will look best!

what to do with your portraits

Crabapple Photography is a boutique photography studio located in Andover, MA and serving clients from around the Greater Boston and North Shore areas of Massachusetts. Kate McKenna has over 10 years experience photographing babies and children of all ages. Contact Kate today to book your sitter session!

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