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100 days baby photos

This little lad from Lexington was in my studio for his 100 days baby photos. He is the third baby in this family, and the third to come to my studio for his 100 days photos. I had previously photographed big sister L for her 100 days, and big brother (also Mr. L) for his as well. I love the idea of celebrating a milestone like this. These three siblings are definitely not the only ones who have been in my studio for this celebration. I love getting to learn about traditions and rituals from other cultures, and this one is no exception.

While I’ve spoken to various families about what this tradition means to them, I wanted to do a little research before writing about it in a blog post. I took to the internet (of course) and found a few different websites and blogs that featured this topic. I definitely encourage you to give it a search and read more, because it really is fun to learn about.

Milestones for Portrait Sessions

The idea for celebrating the 100th day of a baby’s life comes mainly from the time when the early days were especially hard on new babies. And the belief that the first 99 days are the most vulnerable for baby and mom. Once a baby reached that 100 day mark, it was officially safe to celebrate their arrival. In some cultures it was common to hold a part or even a banquet! These days that might still happen, but many parents choose to celebrate it with more intimate parties. And, as these photos show, with 100 days portrait sessions! I am a big fan of celebrating every milestone that exists. So 100 days is definitely reason to celebrate in my book.

Not to mention, this is such a fun and adorable age for portraits even if you aren’t necessarily celebrating 100 days. At this point your little one is much more alert, which means getting smiles and giggles is definitely a possibility. Their personality is starting to shine through, and can be seen in photos.

100 days baby photography
I love this little outfit. And big brother wore it during his photos, too!
lexington family photos
100 days baby photographer

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100 days baby portraits
lexington family photographer
100 days baby pictures
lexington child photographer
Big sis!
lexington toddler photos
Big bro!
sibling and baby portraits lexington ma
Each of the three siblings during their 100 days sessions on the left. Sibling photos from this session on the right!
lexington portrait photographer
lexington baby photos
lexington baby portraits
3 month baby photos

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sibling portraits
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