Our Photo Studio And Safety During Covid

What a long, strange trip it’s been. And unfortunately, continues to be. I’m sure I’m not the only one who expected everything would be back to “normal” by now. But unfortunately, we are still dealing with the effects of the Corona Virus pandemic. Which doesn’t mean that photography sessions are impossible. It just means that we have had to implement a few safety measures to make the photo studio Covid safe. But the great thing is, we are adaptable and we will get through this together!

Honeywell HEPA air fitler pump, lysol spray, clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, and face masks to keep our photo studio safe from Covid
No, this is not an ad for cleaning products. These are actual products used in the studio before, during and after each session! HEPA air filter pumping, hand sanitizer for everyone, Lysol for furniture and things we can’t wipe down with Clorox wipes. We also vacuum and Swiffer the floors and wear gloves for newborn and little baby sessions. We wear masks as well and require anyone not actively being photographed to wear one.

Safety First – Coronavirus

In the beginning of the pandemic, I did not offer in-studio sessions. This was partly because of state mandates, but also partly because I wasn’t sure how I would be able to keep my clients, my assistants, and myself safe. It took some planning and the first few sessions after we opened back up were a little stressful. But now months into this pandemic I can confidently say that we have found many ways to make the photo studio Covid safe that do not interfere with the outcome of your portraits or overall experience. This does mean that adjustments have been made for scheduling and the number of people in the studio at a time. But in the end, everyone is safe and healthy, and you still get to have your portraits to treasure.

Photo Sessions During Covid
Me, Kate, on the left and Nicole, an assistant, showing off our kid friendly masks.

Click here to read all about our studio Covid-19 safety policies.

We wash hands frequently, we wear masks and ask that you do too. My assistants and I have always worked hard to keep the studio clean, but we have become even more diligent with our covid safety measures in the photo studio. We clean and sanitize all surfaces after your session and make sure to rotate props and toys. I have implemented a screening checklist and questionnaire. This way I know that clients and I are on the same page when it comes to health and safety during their session. I am also taking less in-studio sessions throughout the week. This makes it harder to find a spot, so if you’re looking to book a session, reach out now!

Pictures During Coronavirus
My clients are troopers with a sense of humor. Many have asked to have a masked portrait to remember these times. This is the back of the 2020 Crabapple Photography holiday card.

Newborn Sessions During Corona Virus Pandemic

Outdoor sessions are an ideal alternative to the studio for most sessions, even in the winter. However, the style newborn photographer that I am is very much based in the studio often with naked, sleeping babies curled up and posed in adorable ways. So this is not super conducive to being outside in the winter! The summer, however, is a great time for outdoor newborn sessions.

For most of the sessions that are now taking place in my studio, social distancing is a pretty easy safety measure to accomplish. For family portraits and photos of older babies and children my assistant and I can take a more hands off approach. We can fix hair and clothing on the spot but always ask before we touch anyone. In a lot of cases, parents are helping more in this department and are helping by placing children in the correct spot or adjusting any clothing. It’s also easy to have everyone wearing masks at all times between photos.

The one session where social distancing isn’t really an option, however, is newborn portrait sessions. And it’s important to know this before booking your session. I need to handle the baby and be very close to him or her. I am, of course, very aware and often turn my head away from the baby, even while wearing a mask. And my assistant and I wear gloves as well. The HEPA filter air purifier comes in very handy in this case as well.

Family Portraits During Covid
Even outdoors, my assistant and I wear a mask. The one exception to this rule was SANTA himself. Because he was in the photos 🙂 But for this special year, he remained socially distant and there were no children seated on his lap.

Cake Smash Sessions During Covid-19

Covid 19 Cake Smash Safety
Mom can be seen on the set of her baby’s winter themed cake smash session.

During a typical pre-Covid cake smash session, my assistant and I are normally very hands on with your baby. I always strive to make the session as easy as possible for parents. Sometimes a parent needs to be nearby so their little one feels comfortable. But otherwise we let parents sit back and relax.

Now, with Covid-19, we have asked parents to get on the set if necessary to help with positioning, feeding the baby some cake if necessary. And of course, grab any rogue baby running off the set covered in frosting! This is a small safety measure we take to make sure everyone in the photo studio stays safe and healthy during these Covid times.

Studio Photography Safety Protocols
Nicole, an assistant, stands in for a light test. One of my favorite pastimes is texting these to her as I edit the sessions, ha!
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