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No More Excuses from Dad about Skipping Family Photos!

Father’s Day is around the corner, and that means it’s time to honor and celebrate dad. And what better way to do so than with Father’s Day family photos. The problem is, for many dads, there are numerous excuses to skip the family photos. And we are here with answers to all of those excuses. Because the truth of the matter is, these family portraits are something that can last for generations. When your kids grow up, and have kids of their own, they will be able to look at these photos and remember these happy moments.

So without further ado, here are the excuses we hear most often from Dads about family pictures.

Family Portraits Are Expensive

These photos are an investment. Not only will they be for you and your family now, to look at and display in your homes. But they will also last for generations.

We’re So Busy and Have No Time

As a working mother with two children and a husband who works full-time, I totally understand this. It feels like there aren’t enough minutes in a day for us to get everything done. But I promise you, you will not regret taking the hour out of your day to get these photos done. So rearrange that busy schedule for one day and take the time to celebrate your family.

The Family Pictures Always Look So Posed

My family portraits are not your Grandma’s family portraits. Whether it’s outdoors or in the studio, our team will work with you to make sure that you receive the portraits of your dreams. We make the session fun and relaxed so no photos will look staged or fake. We will get that natural smile out of you, no matter what it takes!

The Kids Are Crazy. What If They Don’t Cooperate?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: your kids tend to let it all hang out for Mom and Dad. When put into a new situation, with new people, they very often rise to the occasion. But believe me, no matter how wild your kids get, we’ve seen it all before. Which is why we make it fun for you AND your kids. We take all the stress out of it. We are happy to make fools out of ourselves in order to get your little one to enjoy the experience. There is no such thing as pride or dignity when it comes to getting a smile out of a child. No song too silly, no noise too gross, and no dance too embarrassing for us.

We Don’t Know What To Do With Our Family Photos

My team and I are here to help. We offer complimentary viewing and ordering sessions to help you choose what is right for your family and your home. But the other option that’s always available? Gifts! These photos make perfect gifts, especially for grandparents. One session can definitely get you at least a few presents.

I Just Don’t Want To

Well, then. This one is a little harder to respond to. But I get it. Not everyone likes being a model in front of the camera. This seems to hold especially true for the men in our lives. Ah, husbands. Can’t live with em, can’t live without em. We know men can sometimes turn into children when asked to get photos done. (Sorry, guys. It’s true) But as I said before, we make the session relaxed and fun (even for Dad) and will do what it takes to make the best of a forced photography session. Is football your thing? Let’s talk Brady! Can you believe he LEFT the Patriots?! Basketball? How ‘bout them Celtics? Beer? Bug Light Seltzer?! What are they thinking?! Politics? That Donald Trump…. Actually I’m going to leave that one alone. But like I said, whatever it takes.

Also a great idea? Including the things that Dad loves into your portraits! Whether that means having baby in a football helmet or wearing a baseball hat, or just letting dad have fun with his kids. I am more than happy to include themes, accessories, or props into your photos. That includes sports related, family pets, and just about anything else you can think of!

If all of the above isn’t enough to convince you that family portraits, and especially portraits of your little ones with dad, are the way to go, keep scrolling. Hopefully these sweet Father’s Day photos of dads with their families will make you reconsider!

Are you looking for family portraits for Father’s Day? Crabapple Photography is located in Andover MA and serves clients from around the Greater Boston, North Shore, and Merrimack Valley areas including Reading, Billerica, Chelmsford, Danvers and more. Kate McKenna has over 11 years experience photographing babies, children, and families of all ages. Contact Kate today!

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