What Size Wall Art Is Right For Me?

Helping You Choose What Size Wall Art Works Best For Your Space

When it comes time to display your artwork on your walls, there are a few things to consider. The first question is, where would you like to hang your photos? Your family room, above a fireplace, in a nursery or play room, the options are endless. Once you’ve decided where you want to display your portraits, you can decide if you’d like framed artwork or gallery wrap canvas. And then you can decide what size wall art to get!

Depending on the room you are looking to decorate, the furniture can make a big difference on what size you should consider. The best starting point is to keep your finished piece (the edges of the canvas or frame) between 60-80% the width of the furniture it’s hanging over, and I tend to like it closer to the 80% mark. Below is a great image I found on Pinterest that shows different sizes above a couch. Check out our Custom Wall Art Pinterest board for more ideas.

Sizes When Creating a Wall Gallery

While one portrait above a couch, bed, or mantle is a good starting point, there’s also the option of creating a wall gallery. You can read more about wall galleries in this blog post. But this is definitely an option to consider when choosing a size for your wall art. Below are some examples of wall galleries. Depending on your style, there is something for everyone. My team and I are more than happy to help you create the wall gallery of your dreams, whether that means three photos, or twenty.

Read more about creating a wall gallery in this post.

Let Us Help You Find Your Size

This can seem a bit overwhelming. And the truth is, there are no set rules. While I can tell you that 60%-80% of your furniture is a good starting point, the truth is every space is different. Which is why my team and I are here to help! Using the magic of technology, we are able to create a digital wall art mock-up. You take a photo of your wall head on with a piece of printer paper taped to the wall for artwork size reference. Then we using the photo of your walls, and the photos from your session, we create a mock up so that you can see how different sizes will look. I am even able to walk you through everything via video call. If you’re unsure which walls work best, let me know! I’m more than happy to help.

Still Not Sure?

Here are some examples of the same room, with the same picture. On the left is something that doesn’t work. On the right is an example of something that fits the space better.

The canvas on the left is too small, and also too far from the couch.
On the left, the prints are small for the space, too high, and not centered on the wall. On the right they fill up the space in an eye catching and visually pleasing way.
While the framed print on the left is a good position on the wall, it doesn’t fill up the space as well as the one on the right.
In this case, the prints on the right fill the space above the crib without taking over the entire wall.

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