Must Have Poses for Outdoor Family Photos

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Must Have Poses for Outdoor Family Photos

I love every type of session equally. But outdoor family photos definitely have my heart. Fall has always been my busiest time of year for outdoor family photos. The gorgeous fall foliage. The equally gorgeous fall colors for fashion. Plus the cooler temperatures make it much more comfortable to be outside for some. But over the last few years, more and more parents have been braving the summer heat for outdoor beach family photos. And let me tell you, I am here for it! I love the beach, so getting to spend some evenings hanging out at the beach and photographing families is a win for me. Over the years I’ve come up with some favorite poses for these outdoor photos. Keep reading to learn my 5 must have poses for outdoor family photos.

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Standing Family Photos

The first must have pose for outdoor family photos is kind of a no brainer. The whole family standing, looking at the camera. Depending on the age of the children this could mean them also standing. Or it could mean being held by mom and dad. This is a classic option, so it has to have a spot on my must have poses when it comes to family photos outdoors.

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Must Have Poses for Outdoor Family Photos
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Sitting Family Pictures

The second pose is an equally simple one. Sitting down! I always bring some sort of blanket that I don’t mind getting dirty. Whether it’s on the sand at the beach, on the grass, or on a paved walkway. This way everyone can sit down and rest a minute. We can get some great smiles, some cute cuddles. Sometimes, depending on the location, there might even be a log or a bench or something for everyone to sit on.

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Must Have Poses for Outdoor Family Photos
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Photos Walking Away or Towards the Camera

This pose has kind of become my signature one in a way. But I love it so much. I have the family hold hands and walk away from me, and then walk back towards me. Whether they’re looking at the camera or at each other. It’s always such a special shot and one that is truly a must have for me for any outdoor family photos.

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Hugs and Kisses Portaits

And now we get into one of the more fun poses. The hugs and kisses! I love getting to capture these sweet moments between families. Everyone gets a cuddle in, maybe a couple sweet kisses either between mom and dad or with the kiddos. And it’s truly a great way to show all the love and happiness in the family.

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Must Have Poses for Outdoor Family Photos
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Family Photos Playing or Interacting

And last but not least, this one is definitely the least structured of the bunch. It’s all about interacting and having fun. Whether that means lifting one of the kiddos up to fly in the air. Or playing in fallen leaves. Letting the kiddos run free while the parents stay back and smile. There are so many different ways to incorporate some fun in the session. While I love the more posed photos, sometimes the best pictures come when everyone forgets to pose for the camera!

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Must Have Poses for Outdoor Family Photos
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There you have it, my must have poses for outdoor family photos. Want some outdoor family photos of your own? I would love to meet up with your family and photograph you! My studio is located in Andover MA but I have a few different parks and beaches that I particularly love. Reach out to if you are in the Boston, North Shore, or Merrimack Valley areas to learn more. Contact Kate today.

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