Family Portraits :: 8 Common Reason Why People Put Them Off

Family Portraits :: The 8 Common Reasons Not to Get Them & Why You Should Anyway

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People have lots of reasons for not getting family photos taken. Lots of them certainly legitimate, but there are some common comments I hear that I might be able to help with.

Here are some of the common reasons I’ve heard since becoming a north of Boston family photographer in 2009, and why I think professional photography is worth it.

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We have no time.

Your kids attend after school activities, you’re the head of the PTO and you work full time. Your free time is fleeting and precious. I totally get it and I hear you. I do my best to make the process as painless as possible to save you time. That starts before your session with your get-to-know-you questionnaire. This helps me to understand your priorities and your family personalities before the session even begins. I have an online styling tool to help make the process easier (more on that below).

And finally, I work hard during the session to move fast (let’s be honest, your kids will only tolerate me for so long). Your family portrait session will typically last between 45 minutes to an hour. Even with prep and travel time these photos are worth it. You could even make a day of it! Grab some lunch, go to a park or playground if weather allows for it.

Family Portraits feel too “posed”.

Your family portraits definitely do not have to feel overly posed or stiff! Whether it’s outdoors or in the studio, my assistant and I take the time to let you and your kids warm up and feel comfortable before the camera comes out. With babies, sometimes there is stranger danger to contend with. A tip I can share is that if your baby sees you and I chatting easily, they will trust me because you trust me.

During the actual session, I often put your family in a pose that looks natural while also remaining flattering to you. Then my assistant and I work hard to get real interactions and laughs from the family. This is how we create portraits with a candid feel instead of one that looks overly posed.

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My kids are crazy and won’t cooperate.

You’re paying attention to and catching everything little thing your little one is doing. Chances are, whatever thing your kiddo is doing to drive you crazy, we’ve seen it all and even at home with our own kids! We do our best to make make the family portrait session fun for you and your kids. We take as much stress out of it as possible. We are happy to make fools out of ourselves making goofy faces or singing our hearts out in order to get your little one to enjoy the experience!

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I’m not good at styling things.

Not all of us can be the stylish Instagram-ready mama. I know I’m not always that mama! And that is totally okay. We have a very helpful online styling guide and I am than happy to help you with ideas. But remember, the best part of family photos is capturing your family. If that means your toddler insists on wearing a princess dress or a superhero costume–let them! It’ll be such a fun memory to have.

Plus, we can help with styling! We have outdoor family portraits styling guides for both Summer and Fall. And we even have an online styling tool to help no matter the time of year!

I don’t know what I’d do with the photos after.

This is totally understandable. There are a lot of options, and they can seem pretty overwhelming. But our goal is always to make the process as painless and stress-free as possible. We offer complimentary viewing and ordering sessions to help you choose what is right for your family and your home. We also have an online gallery system to make viewing your family portraits and ordering your products as easy as possible.

Read more about our print and product options here: What To Do With Your Photos

Family portraits are a waste of money.

Professional family portraits are not always cheap and aren’t for everyone. But if you can afford it, they’re an investment that will last for generations. They may not realize it yet, but your little ones want to be able to look back on these portraits when they have a family of their own.

You are rearing your own family right now but don’t forget that those kids of yours are going to grow and may even have kids of their own. They want to see their parents and grandparents when everyone was younger! I lived in my great grandparents home that my grandmother and father grew up in in Medford. I cherish the albums my great grandparents and grandparents left behind of their professional photos for me to find.

I hate the way I look ← common one!

We hear this so often! I promise, you are your own worst critic and I have been in your shoes! I will send you a helpful guide that offers styling suggestions based on your taste. But also remember, we live in a world full of selfies and iPhone photos. And as good as the technology has gotten, very few people look great in that front facing camera. The photos I take of you are with a professional camera AND professionally hand edited. Your best angle, perfect lighting, and professional editing.

But please remember, and this is even more important, your kids don’t need you to look perfect. They will love these family portraits.

My husband will not have a good time.

I actually do hear this one a lot! My husband, at this point, will no longer make any comments on me scheduling our family portraits, but I have certainly heard it from him in the past! I promise, I make the session relaxed and fun and will do what it takes to make the best of a forced photography session. My favorite thing to witness is a Dad who clearly did not want to be there, but then was genuinely smiling, laughing and having a good time by the end of the session.

Are you looking for family portraits north of Boston? Crabapple Photography is located in Andover MA and serves clients from around the area including Middleton, Danvers, Wenham, Beverly and more. Kate McKenna has been photographing babies, children, and families of all ages since 2009. Contact Kate today to learn more.

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