Digital Art: Andover Santa Photos & Composites

When Covid hit, I knew getting Santa into the studio was not going to be a safe or possible option. I decided to try out digital composites that included Santa and other Christmas and magical themes for my Andover area baby and child portrait photography clients. They were a HUGE HIT!

This year these Santa and Christmas themed digital art composites are offered as add-ons to your in-studio baby and child photo session. Read below to see the different templates offered, as well as suggestions on which ones work well for the how many kids you’ve got and how old they are.

How these work: Behind the Scenes for Andover Christmas Photos

When you book in for any baby, child, or family Christmas photo session in my Andover studio, you have the option to add on a digital composite. You choose which one you’d like beforehand. I can help you figure out the best possible clothing for your choice.

Then, during your session we will take time to photograph your little one or ones with good lighting and the correct body and eye positioning. Then behind the scenes with a little help with Photoshop, I put the photo and template together.


Sitting by a Chimney

One of my newer options that I just began offering last year, this has quickly become one of my favorites. This works best for toddlers and older children but could work for any baby or child who can sit independently. In this example two children fit nicely, but any more could be a tight squeeze. Children sitting on a chimney watching as Santa and his reindeer fly overhead with a charming, sleepy town down below.

Santa on Brown Couch

I love the magic and painterly feel to this one. This template is great for just about any age and any number of children. Scroll through the gallery to see a few different examples. This classic and timeless option perfectly embodies the magic of Santa and Christmas. It is a great option for any Andover area family looking for Santa photos.

  • Two siblings, a boy and a girl sitting on a brown couch with Santa Claus reading a magical book to them.
  • Classic Andover MA Santa Photos using Digital Composite templates
  • Santa Reading Books to Children
  • Magical Christmas Photos Andover MA
  • Andover Holiday Portraits

Flour Angels

This was such a big hit and it’s easy to see why, it’s so much fun! I have the ability to do this one for 1, 2 or 3 kids. We have successfully incorporated babies, toddlers (keep in mind the toddler needs to lie down and make an X shape!) and children. Scroll through the gallery to see different outfit choices. If you’re looking for something a little more whimsical, this is a great option.

  • Whimsical Andover Christmas Photos
  • Digital Composite Christmas Photo including two siblings making snow angels in baking flower surrounded by other enlarged baking tools and ingredients. Andover Christmas Photos
  • Andover Christmas photo ideas for two siblings.
  • Whimsical Christmas Card Portrait ideas Andover MA
  • Digital Composite Christmas Photo including two siblings making snow angels in baking flower surrounded by other enlarged baking tools and ingredients. Andover Christmas Photos
  • Digital Composite Christmas Photo Ideas for Siblings Andover

Polar Express

This was the very first digital composite I ever did a few years ago. The way a lot of things happen around the studio, I did it first for my girls! I absolutely love the magic of the lights on the train, in the lantern and the snowy night.

This is a great option for kids who can stand but I have used crates for babies that are sitting. Any number of kids would work great for this option. Scroll through the gallery below to see some more examples.

  • Polar Express Christmas Photos Andover MA
  • Holiday Photography Ideas Andover MA
  • Andover Christmas Photography using Digital Composite templates
  • Sibling Christmas Card Photo Ideas for Kids Polar Express

Santa’s Sleigh

Santa’s sleigh is one of my favorites! Put some warm hats and coats on the kids and once the composite is all put together it will look like they have taken over the reigns for the big man in red himself! Your child will just need to sit and 1 or 2 children is best, but I could likely make three kiddos work too. Scroll through the gallery below to see some more examples.

  • Santa's Sleigh Christmas Photo Inspiration Andover
  • Fun Ideas for Christmas Card Portraits Andover MA
  • Brother and Sister Christmas photos Andover MA

Santa on Red Couch

I love this one for it’s simplicity. Santa himself is anything but simple with his red velvet and fur, but the viewer will really focus in on Santa and your kiddo(s). This is a great one for just about any age! I think I could easily fit two children and possibly three. Scroll through the gallery below to see some more examples.

  • Andover Santa Photos
  • Andover MA Santa Photography Ideas
  • Andover Holiday Portraits with Santa

Santa’s Legs

You don’t have to see all of Santa to know he’s there! This composite is truly best for the 6-9 month sitter age and single child only. I can envision two babies on either side, looking up though!

Photo of a baby girl sitting on the floor while Santa stands behind her. You can only see Santa's legs including the classic red velvet pants with white fur trim and black boots. This is a digital composite Santa Claus photo in Andover MA.

Hot Cocoa

This hot cocoa composite is so warm and cozy by the Christmas tree! I can almost smell the delicious chocolate from here. This composite is great for 1 or 2 children with the youngest being able to sit. This is another fun and whimsical option for Andover holiday photos.

Santa by the Fire

Have a chat with Santa in this super festive room. This is a great option for your baby or toddler. Scroll through to see examples of 1 or 2 children. This is also a fantastic option for babies and toddlers who might be a bit freaked out by strangers. You still get a classic and timeless Santa photo, without the meltdown that sometimes goes along with it!

  • Andover MA Santa Claus Photos
  • Santa Claus Picture ideas Andover
  • Classic and Timeless Christmas and Santa photos in Andover MA


Composites For One Child

If you have one child there are lots of options to choose from. Most of my templates work perfectly for one child. Age does make a difference, just in terms of being able to sit safely. The flour angel works well for any ages as long as they’re able to lay down and form somewhat of a starfish shape. The Polar Express usually requires standing however I am able to use a crate or basket to have your little one sitting. As long as your little one can safely sit then the red couch, brown couch, and Santa’s sleigh are great options. Santa’s legs, Santa’s fireplace, and the hot cocoa template are other ones that I can definitely find a way to have your little one laying down or in a prop. No matter what your style or preference, I have a digital composite template that will work for your baby or child’s Andover area Santa and Christmas photos.

Two Children

Many of my digital Santa and Christmas photo templates will also work for two children. Two kiddos can easily sit side by side on the red couch, the brown couch, in front of Santa’s fire, or in Santa’s sleigh. I also love the way two siblings look sitting in front of the steaming cup of cocoa, or standing together waiting for the Polar Express. And of course, side by side snow angels in flour are perfect for silly siblings.

More than Two Children

Three or more children might seem like a challenge when it comes to these digital composite Santa and Christmas photos, but I can absolutely make some of them work. The brown couch and red couch can fit three children if they’re fine snuggling close together. I can also easily fit three flour angels into one photo. The polar express is also a great option. They have to stand close together, but it can absolutely be done! Even big families can be part of the fun when it comes to my Andover area Santa and Christmas photography.



Gah!!! I love newborns and I love Christmas photo shoots. Put them together and I’m in heaven! This is true for the digital art composites as well. If you’ve got a newborn session booked and you would like one of these, let me know, you can add it in to your already booked session. If you want Santa included, I have this sweet option of Santa looking over your newborn. Or for something extra sweet, there’s the newborn cookie option. Both are adorable and a great way to add some Christmas cheer to your Andover newborn portraits.

Sitter (typically age 6-9 months)

The sitter age is typically between 6-9 months but is less about the age and more about the milestone of being able to safely sit on their own. This age is perfect for many of these digital Santa photos. Your little one can lay down for the flour angel option, or be sitting in front of Santa’s legs, Santa’s fire, or in front of a steaming cup of cocoa. And of course, there’s also the option of sitting on the red couch, brown couch, or in Santa’s sleigh. This age is such a fun one. And the added benefit of these photos is that for many babies, stranger danger is a real thing. So these are a great alternative to classic Andover area Santa photos.


Toddlers can absolutely take advantage of many of my digital composite Christmas portraits. Whether you’re looking to include Santa by having them sit on the red or brown couch, or perhaps driving his sleigh. They can stand and wait for their journey on the Polar Express. Or they can become teeny tiny and sit in front of a giant cup of cocoa or make snow angels in flour. I can imagine how much fun it would be for toddlers to see these photos of themselves. And just like younger babies, stranger danger can still be a real thing for toddlers. Meaning that these Andover Santa photos are a great alternative to in-person Santa visits at the mall.


No matter how old your child is, they deserve to take part in the magic of Christmas! And all of the below templates would absolutely work for older children as well. They can take over the sleigh and give Santa a break. Or perhaps they can wait for the Polar Express in their pajamas. They can sit with the big man himself on either the simple red couch, or the magical brown couch. And I’m sure kids of all ages would love the chance to make snow angels in flour or shrink down to the size of a marshmallow. My Andover-area Christmas photography sessions are so much fun no matter what age.

Are you looking for Christmas and Santa photos near Andover MA? While we at Crabapple Photography offer in person Santa portrait sessions, we also offer the option of digital composites. Whether you’re looking for a socially distanced Santa photo, or just a little extra Christmas magic, we have you covered. Kate McKenna has been photographing babies and children of all ages since 2009. Check out our Christmas Photo Pinterest board to see more. Contact Kate today to book your session!

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