Professional Photography :: 3 Year Olds

Professional Photography :: 3 Year Old Child Portraits

These are my lady babies at age three!

So you’ve found yourself with a three year old. Wondering if it’s a good time for professional portraits? It is! First, there is truly no bad age for baby or child portraits. But second, three year olds are equal parts cute-as-a-button, innocent and can be a little mischievous which is oh so hilarious.

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This age is occasionally and affectionately known as the “threenage” year. There are lots of big emotions and big things happening in their lives. Three year olds are finding their voice, and learning where the boundaries are by pushing them. Monumentally, sometimes they are heading off to preschool and away from their primary caretaker for the first time ever.

At three years old, your little one is no longer a baby or toddler. But he or she has become a “little kid” full of magical thinking and wonder. It’s an age to celebrate!

Age three is a great time for portraits.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for 3 Year Old Portrait Photography

Three year olds can be full of fun and spunk!
Magic is real for 3 year olds and toddlers.
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Smiling 3 Year Old Photos

When it comes to three year old professional portrait photography, I try to create an overall fun experience. Anyone with a three year old knows that it’s not always possible to force them to do much of anything! So we find ways to make it play time whether we are in the studio, or on location at a park or beach.

A helpful little tool I often pull out during toddler sessions is my handy bubble machine. Actually, any session between 6 months to four years old and beyond, I keep the bubble machine on standby. This is especially helpful for little ones who don’t quite want to sit still or are may be a bit shy.

During any session, from maternity to child and everything in between, I have an assistant with me. And we are definitely not afraid to make fools out of ourselves to get the smiles! When it comes to these 3 year old photo sessions, we sing and dance, we tell silly knock knock jokes. Fart jokes and noises truly can be what takes a good expression on your child’s face to a natural, burst out in laughter. After all, there’s no such thing as dignity when it comes to being a child portrait photographer (????).

Styling Ideas & Common Props for Toddler and Child Photo Sessions

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The sky is the limit and I encourage you to get creative! I love the juxtaposition of simple and elaborate portraits. I will always try to get a more fine art portrait of your three year old. A close up photo of different expressions with out much else happening in the frame.

But for a little fun we can also have more elaborate and creative sets including super heroes, princesses, and a touch of magic and whimsy.

Sometimes the name of the game is distraction and these props can get your little one interested in playing and create an opportunity for real, natural smiles.

My number one clothing styling suggestion is make sure that your little one is comfortable. Of course, I love seeing these kiddos in their pretty dresses and adorable bow ties. But if your child is going to be miserable, it really isn’t worth the trouble to have a battle over. Nothing is as adorable as a real smile, anyways! Often, your 3 year old will warm up over the duration of the session and where he or she wouldn’t wear something, they are more willing when they realize we are in it for the fun.

For timeless and adorable child clothing I recommend Janie and Jack, Bella Bliss, Boden, or Gap. If you have an idea for an outfit but you’re not sure if it will work, reach out to me! I am happy to help however I can when it comes to styling your session. I even have a selection of clothing and accessories in the studio that you are welcome to use during your session.

Are you looking for 3 year old professional photography portraits near Andover MA? Crabapple Photography serves clients from around the North Shore and Greater Boston areas including Woburn, Dracut, Burlington, Rowley and more. Kate McKenna has been photographing babies and children of all ages since 2009. Contact Kate today to learn more.

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