Product Spotlight :: Matte vs Semi-Gloss Albums

Product Spotlight :: Matte vs Semi-Gloss Custom Albums

When it comes to getting custom portrait albums, there are many different options. This can be a little overwhelming, which is why we try to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients. But here’s some good news: there might be a lot of choices but there’s no such thing as a wrong choice. Because in the end, the choice depends on what you personally prefer.

For both our custom fine art albums and press printed albums, there are different finishes to the photos. You have a choice between matte or semi-gloss for any sized album. So which is the best choice? Whichever one you like better! Some people love matte, and others love semi-gloss, which is why we offer both.

Matte Custom Album Pages

Matte finish has a flat, slightly textured surface that allows for little to no reflection of light on the image.

Pros of matte finish: It looks professional and clean. It is also a favorite among artists because the dullness can evoke certain moods in the viewer. With matte there is no need to worry about glare, fingerprints do not show and the surface is fairly scratch resistant. This is especially helpful in a photo album if it’s handled frequently.

Cons of matte finish: This finish can cause photos to look dull, less rich, and less vibrant.

fine art portrait albums
Here are two examples of one of our fine art albums.
Top right has a matte finish while the bottom is a semi-gloss.

Semi-Gloss Album Pages

This is not a mirror-like gloss! It’s semi, and closer to “lustre” you see in your typical print.

Pros of semi-gloss finish: Unlike with a matte finish, light is able to reflect off of the page, but not enough to cause a glare. The colors are more vibrant than a matte finish, and the contrast is punchier–the blacks are blacker and the whites are whiter.

Cons of semi-gloss finish: Fingerprints show up easier on semi-gloss finish. This could be a deal-breaker for some, or just something to keep in mind!

press printed professional photo books
These press printed albums have semi-gloss covers and pages inside.

More Artwork Product Options

Whether you are looking for framed wall art, gallery wrap canvases, a gift for family or friends, or a fine art album, we have something for everyone. And we are here to help with all of the details from start to finish.

To read more about all of our different product options, check out this page: Product Spotlight: What To Do With Your Artwork.

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