Pregnant during the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

What It’s Like To Be Pregnant During The Covid-19 Pandemic

What it's like to be pregnant during Covid-19

My longtime assistant, Nicole, is pregnant, due in June, 2020. Pregnancy is usually a wonderful, magical time. Well, it’s supposed to be at least. Nicole shares her thoughts below on the pandemic that is currently crushing the world.

In her words:

When I pictured myself being pregnant for the first time, I envisioned a perfect little baby bump, that “glow” everyone speaks of, getting to eat whenever I wanted without feeling guilty. What I didn’t envision? A global pandemic

My family and friends have joked for years about my bad luck. There’s a saying I hear a lot: “If it wasn’t for bad luck, you’d have no luck at all.” I started this pregnancy off fairly easily. No morning sickness, only a little nausea. I couldn’t complain. But, by week ten my usual luck started kicking in. I went to the ER twice with complications (luckily, all ended up fine), then I got the flu. But it was under control in a couple days and I felt human again. A few weeks later? I got an ear infection. Two weeks after that? My ear infection turned into a DOUBLE ear infection.I thought this has to be as bad as this will get. Luck was certainly not on my side, but, hey, so far, it was nothing I couldn’t handle. I thought, “I can do this.” 

Enter COVID-19.

We started hearing talk about this “flu” in China in mid-January. Somehow, my boyfriend just knew it would not only come here, but it would be bad. Because of that, I guess I was slightly more mentally prepared than I would have been. He was right. It started to hit the US shortly after and we continue to watch the number of cases rise

In the beginning, I didn’t even think of it affecting my pregnancy. After all, I’m not due until June and it will surely be gone by then, right? However, here we are in March and there’s no end in sight. In fact, it’s getting worse. And as if a pandemic wasn’t stressful enough, being pregnant during the Covid-19 outbreak adds another layer of things to worry about.

Restrictions Pregnant Woman Face & Real Fear

My OB has already restricted significant others from coming to any prenatal appointments. Hospitals around the country aren’t allowing spouses in the room during delivery, never mind visitors once the baby is born. Some mothers and newborns are separated immediately once the baby is born. This is when I started freaking out. I can’t do this alone.

What about my baby? Will he be healthy?

There is conflicting data on COVID-19 and pregnant women. The UK just put pregnant women in the same category as the high risk population (elderly, underlying health issues) and mandated a 12 week quarantine. Here in the US, we haven’t been told much. There just isn’t sufficient evidence yet.

Another concern are the hospitals. Will they be overrun with Coronavirus patients in the coming weeks, making it harder to get a bed when the time comes for me to give birth? Anytime you think you’ve solved one problem, another one arises. 

Baby Item Shortage

We are trying to prepare as much as possible, but it’s hard. There is already a shortage of diapers and wipes. We had to cancel our baby shower, so any baby items we hoped we’d get from family and friends before baby came are now out the window. Amazon just announced their warehouses will stop accepting non-essential items, which will make ordering that much harder. On top of all of that, our nursery needs construction which just isn’t possible during this time. What we imagined would be a time of stocking up on onesies has turned into stocking up on non-perishables, when we can find them.

Staying Optimistic Despite a Pandemic

Even with all of this on my mind, I try to stay optimistic. Things are out of my control and I need to understand that. Times are scary and changing daily but this is bigger than all of us. The health and safety of my family, friends, and country are more important than a baby shower or being able to go to brunch with friends. As long as we all do our part, we will get through this, together.  

Oh, and if you’re wondering if my lucks gotten any better? Tom Brady left us. So, no. No, it hasn’t. 

xo, Nicole

Are you pregnant? What are some of your biggest worries? Reach out, comment below. We’ll get through this together.

Pregnancy & Covid-19

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