6 Reasons Why You Should View your Portraits at My Studio

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I love taking portraits. That may be a given since I’m a portrait photographer and you’re currently reading my photograph blog. I love the prep, I love getting to know each and every client before and during our session together. I love leaving our session with a smile on my face. I love when that smile returns as I view and meticulously hand edit your portraits. My services do not end there, however. The last step is delivering you your portraits. My absolute favorite way to do this is to have an in person viewing and ordering session. As much as I love technology and digital files, I think something is lost when you see your images for the first time on a small computer screen, or even worse, a phone (yowza!).

Here are a few reasons why viewing your portraits large and in charge on the big screen in my studio has a huge advantage. Number 6 is reason enough — because you paid for the experience and are entitled to it!

  1. The details. The beauty is in the details of your portraits and these details are so hard to see on a 5 inch screen.
  2. Time. I know what it’s like to have newborns. Yes, plural. As in, two newborns at the same time. I know what it’s like to have busy babies and temper prone toddlers. I can understand the chaos of school age kids and their non stop activities. The thought of giving up an hour to come to the studio to view your image seems like an impossible feat. I’ve been doing this since 2009 and I can tell you that without a doubt, 100% of the time, a viewing and ordering session SAVES you time. Sitting in front of your computer trying to figure out what images are your favorite, what size they should be and in what format is extremely overwhelming. So overwhelming that most people tend to just give up. If you don’t give up completely you’ve likely used up a lot more than an hour to get everything together.
  3. Take advantage of my experience. I’ve done this before. Like, hundreds and hundreds of times. I cull and edit photos for a living. I am experienced and skilled at making these decisions and will walk you through every step so that it is super painless for you.
  4. All computer and mobile device monitors are not created equally. When you view your images on your monitor, there is no guarantee of color, contrast and exposure. When I edit your images I am on a calibrated machine. You may be viewing an inaccurate color cast of your images. As someone so in tune with the details, this one gets me big time!
  5. Try it before you buy it. That sounds like a cheesy 80’s advertising scheme but in this case, I have an amazing tool to share with you! You send me photos of the walls in your home and together we mockup what your actual walls would look like with your actual portraits, to scale. Amazing.
  6. At the end of the entire experience, you will have tangible, beautiful and timeless works of art in your hands and on your walls. You have already spent the time, money and energy to get your custom portraits taken. Without the final step of seeing them in print it is like running a marathon then stopping with a quarter mile to go, turning around and going home.

The viewing session is a part of your boutique experience with Crabapple Photography. Take advantage of this opportunity! Contact me today to book yourself a portrait session, or for existing clients, a viewing session.

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