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Mr. H’s 21 Month Classic Toddler Photos with Vintage Teddy Bear :: Boston MA Photographer

A classic toddler photo of a 21 month old baby boy in a white and gray knit outfit, in front of a seamless gray background playing with wooden blocks. Sitting next to him is a vintage teddy bear.

If you want inspiration for styling classic toddler photos, this Boston session is definitely one to check out! Mr. H was 21 months when he came to my studio. And man, was he a cutie! His first outfit was something that would look at home on Prince George, and I am really loving it. We had a couple outfit changes, including a plaid button down and a sweater over top. All of the looks were timeless and classic. I love how his outfit matched daddy’s in the family photos!

When it came time for his solo portraits, there were a few props that were extra special. One was a rocking lion with his name on it. The other was Daddy’s teddy bear from when he was a little guy! I have a huge assortment of props and accessories available in my studio. But there is definitely something extra special when parents bring props like these from home.

Black and white simple, classic toddler portrait of a 21 month old baby boy in front of a gray background. He is staring into the camera.
A smiling 21 month old boy wearing gray and white sits in front of a gray background with a white and gray ride on rocking lion. He is holding a colorful blue, yellow, and red toy truck and waving to the camera.
A family photo with mom, dad, and 21 month old baby son in front of a dark background. Mom is standing with her arm around dad and hand on son. Dad is sitting on a stool with his son in his lap. Everyone is smiling.

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Toddler portrait of a 21 month old baby boy in front of a dark background, he is staring into the camera wearing a gray sweater over a plaid collared shirt.
Sweet family portrait of a family of three including mom, dad, and son. All three family members are smiling at the camera. Dad is holding son while mom holds dad's hand.
Mr. H was all smiles during the family portion of his classic toddler photos session!
Smiling family photo of mom, dad, and son in front of a dark background. Father and son are wearing coordinating burgundy shirts and mom is in gray.
Vertical portraits of a toddler boy in front of a dark rustic wooden backdrop sitting on a wooden slab. He is wearing gray pants, a plaid shirt and sneakers. In one portrait he is playing with a ukulele.
Mom and dad brought this ukulele along to include in these toddler portraits!
Two year portraits, one of a smiling baby boy sitting on a rustic wooden slab in front of a dark wood background. one includes glitter and a glowing number two added in post editing.
A little magic added during editing to celebrate Mr. H’s upcoming birthday!
Crying toddler photo with a 21 month old boy in a white and gray outfit, in front of a seamless gray backdrop. He has wooden blocks and a vintage teddy bear. He is also eating snacks out of a reusable snack bag.
We can’t be happy all the time. Snacks help though!
Black and white portrait of a smiling and clapping toddler boy. He is in front of a dark backdrop and wearing a plaid shirt.

When it comes to styling toddler photos near Boston, I love keeping it classic and timeless. Crabapple Photography is located in Andover MA and serves clients from around the area including Middleton, Wilmington, Burlington, the South Shore, and beyond. Kate McKenna of Crabapple Photography has been photographing babies and children of all ages since 2009. Contact Kate today to learn more and to book your session.

Classic and vintage inspired black and white toddler portrait of a two year old boy playing with a truck and sitting with a vintage teddy bear belonging to his dad.
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