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Family Photos North of Boston

I met up with the F family for their family photos last summer. This family of five was definitely fun to hang out with. This was the first time I had met them and was so impressed! All three of the kiddos were so well behaved. And it’s clear from the photos how much they all love each other. The last thing I want is a family photo session to be torture for anyone. So I made sure to have lots of fun and we played ring around the rosy together. One of my favorite shots from this session is of the three siblings holding hands, walking away from the camera. The great thing about having siblings is always having someone to walk the road of life with!

What To Wear For Family Photos

Deciding what to wear for a family photo session can be a little tricky. And it only gets trickier the more family members are involved. There are a lot of different directions a family can go with. Every member could wear the same color, or everyone could wear a different one. Some families choose to stay with neutral colors. The F family chose to do a little bit of both. Mom and big brother wore black, dad and younger brother wore blue, and little sister wore pink. This combination was perfect. The colors all went well together, there were no worries about clashing. And there was just the right amount of matching. I especially love that all three kiddos were in a different color. For all of the siblings only pictures this allowed each kiddo to stand out in their own way!

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