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“While sleep is a biological function, it’s also behavioral.” – Lydia Harden

Shining a Spotlight on Slumberly Sleep Coach, Lydia

“Go the {BLEEP} to Sleep”, written by Adam Mansback and narrated by Samuel L. Jackson was a viral YouTube sensation, and for good reason. As new parents we are underprepared for how little sleep we’ll get and in full denial of just how much this will affect our mental and physical well being. Some of the lucky ones get a baby who magically figures out sleep (my guesstimation would be <.01%). For the rest of us mere mortals, our child’s sleep can feel like a battle well into the toddler years and beyond. If you are one of those parents, let me introduce you to Lydia Harden from Slumberly Sleep. Lydia is a sleep coach and I am so glad and grateful to be able to shine a spotlight on her!

What Exactly Is a Sleep Coach?

A sleep coach is someone who teaches and guides you, both figuratively and literally, through your child’s journey to sleeping well. For example, Lydia offers different packages and experiences that include in-person, or virtual visits. While a sleep coach is a resource for you as the sleep-deprived parents, her main goal is to teach your baby how to sleep through the night. Imagine that world for a moment!

I know what you might be thinking: babies need to be taught?! Yes. According to Lydia this is one of the biggest misconceptions about sleep training and sleep coaches. She said “While sleep is a biological function, it’s also behavioral. For example, if you rock your baby back to sleep each time they wake, they will begin to rely on this to fall asleep each time. Through the sleep training process we are breaking any connections that no longer serve your baby and building new ones centered on your baby becoming a strong sleeper!” It makes sense, doesn’t it?

I know from first hand experience how sleep deprivation can take an emotional toll on all members of the family. Lydia mentioned something similar. She spoke about one of the reasons why sleep training can seem so daunting from an emotional standpoint. “Unfortunately, sleep training can be a really difficult process to go through as a parent because you have to resist some of your natural inclinations- I created Slumberly in an effort to bridge this gap!” Having to resist that natural desire to pick your baby up every time they cry is something that can be not only exhausting for parents–but also heartbreaking. Having a coach helps you understand the theories behind the ideas and why it’s worth it.

Lydia Harden Slumberly Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach
Lydia Harden, Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach and founder of Slumberly (not my photo)

How Does Someone Become a Sleep Coach?

Lydia is a Pediatric Sleep Coach, certified through the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting. For Lydia, the journey to being a sleep coach was tied in directly to her dream of being a business owner–a dream I can relate to! She also earned a degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology from Boston College before becoming certified as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant.

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Is your baby wide eyed and bushy tailed at 3 AM every night? A sleep coach might be your answer!

What to Expect as a Parent

Whether you are a first time parent or if this isn’t your first rodeo, the truth is, every baby is different and sleep training your baby on your own can be difficult. A sleep coach may be your answer. I am sure you’re wondering what to expect from a sleep coach, I know I was.

The Slumberly Comprehensive Sleep Training service begins with sleep training over the course of three sessions–either in-home or virtual. These are full overnight sessions to help guide your baby (and you!) through the sleep training process. And the service doesn’t end there! It also includes three months of follow up support. This means no matter what changes your baby goes through over three months, Slumberly is there to assist and support.

Lydia told me that the key to her sleep training process is the belief that sleep, and good sleep habits, are skills that are taught to babies. Her training is based not just in that belief, but also in research and education. When it comes to the actual sleep training process, Lydia says parents can expect her there every step of the way. “With a clear plan, constant encouragement, and the ability to adapt the approach as needed. I am a huge advocate of teaming up with parents during the process, whether that is in person or virtually.”

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Lydia told me that the key to her sleep training process is the belief that sleep, and good sleep habits, are skills that are taught to babies.

The Rewards of Being a Sleep Coach

According to Lydia the rewards of being a sleep coach are many. The most rewarding for her is being able to watch first hand as a family transforms throughout the sleep training. “It’s incredible to see how quickly my little clients acquire the ability to sleep independently- a skill which will serve them throughout their life.” And of course there’s also the added reward of watching parents go from exhausted to well-rested and happy!

Three Words to Describe Slumberly

I asked Lydia to describe Slumberly in three words and I absolutely love her response. The three words she chose are partnership, professional and purpose. Three words that I think are so important for any business dealing with such precious little clients. She explained her choices, “we work in partnership with parents to deliver a professional service for a specific purpose- to help the whole family thrive by achieving better sleep!”

To learn more about Lydia and Slumberly, or to reach out to her, check out her website, Instagram, and Facebook!

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Newborn, wide awake.

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