Children + Toddlers

Crabapple Photography is Boston’s Children Photographer

Before I had kids of my own I had no idea what the term toddler meant. When my twin girls turned one year old (that’s them in the tee pee in this gallery!), I was told they were officially “toddlers.” Scary thought. However I’ve learned to truly love this age of imagination, exploration and exploding communication skills. Guess what it feels like when a tiny human who you’ve loved from before they were born and for whom you’ve sacrificed more than you can remember finally runs up to you, gives you a squeeze you and says “I wov you..” It feels like your heart just exploded into 4 billion pieces. Toddlers. Whether your toddler is one year old, two years old or three years old (is a four year old officially a “kid”? Someone email me and tell me!), this is an age you do not want to forgot. Be sure to capture your child’s portrait at this stage.

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