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Meet Kate, the photographer and creative behind all things Crabapple Photography.

Hi there! My name is Kate. Although lately I’ve been increasingly referred to as the twins’ Mom. Those are my twin 4-year-old “lady babies” you see above with me and my husband. They look sweet but trust me, they can leave a room looking like the aftermath of a tornado in under 5 seconds flat. My girls have made me not only a better person, but a better photographer. I was a portrait photographer and certainly knew photographs were important even before they were born. But now that they are here, the passing of time has been put under a microscope and magnified ten fold. The newborn stage was truly the longest, shortest time. Now that they are four, that statement seems to have morphed in to simply … the shortest time!

Before I took the official plunge into professional photography, I went on a quick 5-year detour through California and the internet world: graphics, programming, marketing — ulcer. A few years flew by before it finally sunk in that life is just too short to purposefully waste a moment unhappy. Cheesy? Certainly. But I’m proof you can do anything you put your mind to. I quit my job, packed my bags and boarded a plane heading to Paris, France. I spent the next year earning my master’s in photography, soaking in the Parisian culture, hacking the French language and generally putting my priorities in order.

After about 7 years living away from my family, I decided to move back to the Boston area and start Crabapple Photography. I’ve been in Medford, MA since 2007 living in a home with my husband and girls that was originally purchased by my Great Grandparents in 1917. That fact still blows my mind. Nearly 100 years later I live and work in the same house my Great Grandparents raised their family and spent their days in. My great uncle had a dark room in our basement 😉 My Grandmother raised her family (my Dad) in this house and I came here often as a child. If you haven’t gathered yet, I may be a 10 on the nostalgic scale. Perhaps this explains a bit about why I like to capture photos of growing families.

I get asked a lot why I chose the name “Crabapple” Photography for my business. It is because I grew up on a street named Crabapple Lane in Chelmsford, MA and as I mentioned, I’m a sentimental sap.

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